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New Album, coming August 2024
on Shifting Paradigm Records

Philip Weberndoerfer - guitar, composition
Richard Mikel - bass
Peter Traunmueller - drums
Dayna Stephens - saxophones

TIDES is a sonic portrayal of the human condition with its highs and lows. It captures the feeling of being at the mercy of a strong current, seeking to find trust deep within oneself that this current is a benevolent force that eventually is going to carry us to safe shores.

Every now and then, life can be like the receding tide that rips away from us what doesn't have roots strong enough to endure. On the other side, the waves of the rising tide carry with them new chances, relationships and opportunities to grow.

This collection of songs is an authentic NYC project with artists from across the East River. The musicians in this band found together as friends with the mission to preserve a childlike innocence and curiosity towards exploring music - to develop a sound cultivated by taking time, against the stream of our fast-paced environment, and shaped by the expressive force of the New York Jazz community along with the vivid nightlife throughout the city.

In pursuit of this musical journey, the Trio crossed paths with kindred spirit Dayna Stephens, whose artistic prowess complemented the vision.


The result of this collaboration is an imaginative album that celebrates space and openness, an apparent familiarity amongst the musicians, and a bold approach towards interplay that ebbs and floats while at the same time leaving room for each individual voice to breathe.

"For myself, music has continuously been a safe shore during turbulent times, and for that I'm deeply grateful. In TIDES, I see the opportunity to share this warm feeling of solace, and want to invite the listeners to open their minds and let their spirits flow freely."

- Philip

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