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"cultural must see"
– Süddeutsche Zeitung

"... highly musical and incredibly entertaining ..." - Münchner Merkur
"... a very special treat and a folkloric highlight par excellence"
- Obermain Tageblatt

"... sovereign string artists ..."  
- Passauer Neue Presse


 Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer and Zigeunermusik

Nimrod Guez: Violin, Viola, Singing
Philip Weberndoerfer: Guitars, Singing
Mátyás Németh: Double Bass, Singing

„The Caravans“ are three musicians from three different countries with different musical mother tongue. Consequently, their repertoire consists of three different genres: Klezmer, gypsy jazz and Hungarian as well as German "gypsy music".

A native of Israel, violinist and violist Nimrod Guez is professor of viola at the Würzburg University of Music . From his home, he passes on the klezmer.

Philip Weberndoerfer, who was born in Germany, lectures at the Nuremberg University of Music and plays in numerous jazz formations. With his virtuoso improvisations he brings the gypsy jazz pieces to life. 

Matyás Németh, the double bass player was born in Hungary and is a member of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. His native musical tongue is the Hungarian folklore and "gypsy music".

The common spirit and melancholic-fervent expression of these three styles of music is astounding. Despite the extremely high musical level and difficult techniques, the three musicians succeed in making their interpretations sound easy and contagiously entertaining.

Text from: "erstKlassik am Sarnersee" festival, Switzerland


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